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15 Amazing Mandala Home Decor Ideas You Will Admire


If you have got a thing for patterns and whenever you see a pattern that is unique it mesmerizes you then you are at the right place. Among many kinds of patterns one such kind is a mandala. So, we thought of bringing you some home decor ideas with mandala. There are a lot of ways in which you can include mandala in the decor of your home. Either you need an idea to spice up an indoor wall or you need an idea for the outdoor floor, mandala is the answer. So, take a look at mandala decor ideas:

1. Design an Outdoor Feature with a Pebble Mosaic Mandala


Image via: houzz , houzz

2. Create a Mandala Bookcase with Square Cubbies in Three Different Sizes


Image via: apartment therapy

3. Stencil Paint Your Dining Table with a Mandala Pattern


Image via: stencils lab

4. Stencil Your Floor if It is Made with Wood


Image via: stencils lab , delusional illusions of love

5. Decorate The Walls of Different Rooms with Mandala Decals


Image via: stencils lab