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2 Jaw-Dropping Master Bedroom Makeovers (Before and After)

So, be honest with yourself. When’s the last time you gave your master bedroom a facelift? Actually, scratch that. When’s the last time you actually bothered to make the bed in the morning or pick up all those dirty clothes off the ground? It was a long time ago, wasn’t it? Well, you’re not alone. You and pretty much everyone else are enduring a tired master bedroom design, and it shows. After all, if your master bedroom had a fresh and updated look, you wouldn’t be cluttering it with your jeans, socks and underpants, would you?

Remodeling or even simply reinvigorating a tired master bedroom design doesn’t need to be that complicated! With a little bit of a budget and a bit more elbow grease, you can have a master bedroom that you’re proud to sleep in. And, you’ll be glad that you’ve updated the look, too. When you go to sleep in a room that you’re proud of, you’ll sleep so much better – and that’s peace of mind that even money can’t buy.

To get your design juices flowing with inspiration, we thought we’d share some amazing master bedroom makeovers with you. We think you’ll see that a few simple things can go a long way, and that a master bedroom remodel might be just thing that the doctor order for your home and your life.

1. Not Even Trying

This master bedroom should look familiar to everyone; it’s the kind you have two years after moving in when you still haven’t updated the look.

But, with a limited budget, the space was remade. The highlight is definitely the reclaimed wood headboard. You can read more about the remodel here.

2. So Plain

So, you’ve got the new house and the new furniture, and you think everything’s going to look great… But then it ends up looking so plain.

Well, with the right pieces (and a couple of smart accents) you can take that master bedroom and revitalize it!