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12 Amazing Craft Room Organization Ideas


You don’t need an entire room to store your craft supplies. But still, the loads of materials you kept or were left with after you finished your DIY projects need a place of their own. And keeping them in one place will only make them harder to find the next time you want to show your handmade skills. Just use the collection of ideas provided here to get inspiration for organizing your room in the way you like.

A kitchen island that doubles greatly as a crafts table could be useful, but you actually look for something smaller? How about magazine holders which could easily store colored paper in them, just like large jars do with leftover ribbons? You might love some shelf organizers attached to the door in order to make a `wrapping center` just like you see in the stores.

Think creative and use some nice pieces of decoration, like a vintage silverware carrier, to transform into a nice container for your beautiful variety of rolls of tape or ribbons. Find your favorite ideas for organizing craft supplies from the nice collection you can find in the link below…

Creating A Dream Craft Room

Next, Regina filled boxes, baskets, and jars with all the supplies she could ever need, from paper punches to pushpins, and organized them on shelves and in cabinets. Even if you don’t have a room dedicated to DIY, you’re bound to find some crafty ideas for storing and sorting in this space.


Organize Ribbon by Color in Drawers

Ribbons wrapped around pieces of cardboard take up less space than spools. A heart sticker on each drawer front corresponds with the ribbon color inside.


Put Paper in Magazine Holders

Stacks of letter-size colored paper look neat in white magazine holders from IKEA.


Store Leftover Ribbon in Jars

Ribbon pieces that are shorter than a yard and a half go in 8-inch glass jars from World Market and are organized by color. Regina wraps them around wood doll pins from Hobby Lobby and secures each piece with a rubber band.


Sort Buttons Two Ways

There’s never any fishing around for the right button—Regina’s supply is separated by size and color. She keeps bigger buttons in 5-inch jars from crafts stores. Smaller ones and other tiny trinkets go in 3-inch spice jars.