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12 Hacks That Can Only Be Done With A Hot Glue Gun


Hot glue is simply amazing! I use it all the time when I am doing projects and crafts, but I never thought to step outside of the norm and use hot glue around the house. Some of these ideas are pure genius and I can’t believe I never thought to use hot glue like this! That is the beauty of the internet, though. Just when you thought you have seen it all, someone comes up with something new and wonderful for you to learn. Hopefully, these hot glue hacks will help you out and make your life just that much simpler. I am totally gonna try #12!

1. Extra Long Stick

It is no secret that hot glue guns shoot that glue out faster than you can refill them. Save time and glue a bunch of sticks together. 
YouTube / HouseholdHacker

2. Save Your Walls

The next time you have to temporarily hang something up, you can use painter’s tape and hot glue. This will prevent your walls from being damaged by tape or tacks. Stick a piece of painter’s tape to the wall where you want to hang up your item, apply some hot glue to the tape, and then press your item into the hot glue before it sets. When you need to take the item down, simply peel off the painter’s tape. This is great for party decorations. 

3. Door Stop

Save your walls and make a door stop out of a plastic bottle cap and some hot glue. 
viaYouTube / HouseholdHacker

4. Hook

Make and mount your own hook out of sturdy wire and hot glue. I can’t believe how strong this stuff is! 
viaYouTube / LXG Design