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15 Amazing Toilet Tricks That Will Save You Time And Money


House cleaning can be a hassle. You’re either the type of person who really enjoys cleaning up your home or you absolutely despise it. But there’s that one area in the house that no one would genuinely enjoy cleaning.

Cleaning the toilet can be pretty brutal. Most of us try to postpone doing it for as long as possible, or we just get someone else to do it for us. Regardless, you gotta get the job done eventually, right?

We might have just made your life a little bit easier. No matter how much you hate it, it’s not smart to leave this chore for too long. That’s why we got 8 practical and easy ways to clean your toilet. You’re welcome.

Kool-Aid isn’t just an enjoyable beverage for your kids, it can also be enjoyable for your toilet. Sounds crazy but it works.


Just open the pack, sprinkle it around the rim and let it sit there for an hour. Then brush and flush!


2. When it comes to toilets, vinegar is your best friend. Use it to maintain the cleanliness of your toilet on a regular basis.


Pour it directly into the tank to prevent the early stages of mineral build-up. It does a great job at removing mold and bacteria as well.