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20 Clever Ways to Organize Small Items

Use a paper towel holder to store your bracelets. All you have to do is put them down the base of the paper towel holder. Paint it if you wanted to use it as a decor piece!

Take a corkboard, wrap some linen or other cute fabric around it, and then use it to store your necklaces! What a fun and easy idea!

Use a curtain rod below your kitchen sink to store your cleaning supplies. You can hang things like spray bottles on the rod and still have storage space beneath.

Use a shoe organizer to store your nail polish. It’s a super easy and efficient way to keep things neat and organized.

Use pieces of PVC pipe (and paint them, if you want) to store your undies! This is great because it prevents them from getting tangled and easily lets you know when you need to do some laundry!