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15 Amazing DIY Pallet Project Ideas for Home Decor


Pallet wood in the crafter community is something of a holy grail. There are so many things you can build with this material – the ideas are endless – from furniture to decor accents and art. What’s also great about pallets is that using them for your projects you don’t need special crafting skills and even beginners can do it.

That’s why we want to show you 15 amazing DIY pallet project ideas that you can easily build for your home decor. We made sure these tutorials are easy to follow and you can get adorable rustic decor items for your home with little effort.

Pallet Sofa


When it comes to building your own furniture, the idea can seem intimidating and complicated to begin with. But if you keep things simple, as this tutorial shows, you can easily build a small sofa from pallet wood.

Blanket Ladder


If a sofa is too complicated to begin your first pallet project, this blanket ladder is a piece of cake. Check out how to nail pallet wood together and get a trendy decor piece.

Pallet Trunk


If you like rustic decor, this piece of furniture is all about it. It’s simple to build, yet very functional – serving as a storage unit as well as a bench. It can find home in your entryway or even bedroom at the end of the bed.

Pallet Plaques


Decorating empty wall space with art of your own making is the dream of every crafty homeowner. And while there are many ways to build a picture frame, check out this very easy pallet plaque as an option to display pictures.

Pallet Mug Rack


Tutorial: ourcraftymom.com

This mug rack is a whole coffee station with ample space to hang your cups as well as store your coffee condiments. It is quite an easy project to build on a carefree weekend.