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Her House Is Called The “Most Organized Home In America.” Watch When She Opens The Doors!

Helpful, Effective Tips For Organizing Your Home

Alejandra Costello is a professional organizer who has dedicated her life to helping people become more productive through effective organizational systems in their homes and everyday lives. Her home has been dubbed “the most organized home in America,” and after watching a video tour of her condo, you’ll understand why! No stone has gone unturned when it comes to effective storage and organization, and if your home could use a bit of help in these areas, Alejandra has a bunch of helpful tips that will surely inspire you!


  • Tiered shelves are perfect for organizing canned goods because they create multi-layered sightlines that allow for easy navigation.
  • To keep them fresh, dry goods like pasta, oats and sugar should be kept in storage containers. Labelling them with chalkboard stickers and markers not only makes it easy to switch out products, but also adds a cute, modern touch to your pantry. You can also store nutritional information or recipe cutouts in clear, adhesive pouches on the back of each container.
  • Label each shelf and drawer accordingly so your system is easy to maintain, especially when you are putting things away after a large grocery shop.

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Additional shelf trays can really optimize the space in your cabinets. By using them to stack various objects, you end up creating room for additional items.
  • Lazy Susans can be used in tight corner cupboards that may be difficult to access.
  • Vertical shelf dividers are perfect for storing baking sheets. Doing so makes them easily accessible and protects them from the damage that can potentially be caused by stacking.

Home Office

  • Shelving, totes, and peg boards are great for organizing office and craft supplies like ribbon, tubes of paint, stacks of paper, and extra file folders.
  • If you enjoy scrapbooking or have kids who love to play with sheets of stickers, poly envelopes are great for storing and organizing them. You can attach binder rings to each envelope and hang them on the outer edge of a shelf so they are both visible and accessible.
  • Calendars are your best friend when it comes to staying on top of things and meeting goals. Having separate calendars for work, fitness, and extra-curriculars will not only help your overloaded, forgetful mind, but will also motivate you to work towards different goals set for you and your family.

Bedroom Closet

  • Built-in, pull-out drawer organizers are the perfect storage solution for smaller pieces of jewelry. Rather than jamming everything into a small box, using large, sectioned drawers keeps everything organized and easy to see. Long necklaces and bulky accessories can be displayed on hooks and in wire baskets.
  • The way you put away your clothing can make or break your organizational system. A surefire way of keeping everything neat and orderly is to use hanging racks that are sectioned off by clothing type (ex. dresses, pants, long sleeve shirts, etc.). Closet dividers and color coordinated hangers can be used to mark each section.
  • Scarves are really difficult to store, and they can become seriously annoying if they manage to take over your closet. Using a towel rack is a simple, cost-effective way to keep them under control.


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