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10 Ways to Squeeze Furniture Into Small Spaces

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Skinny Console

Create a custom table that’s as narrow as your room demands with dining table legs and few boards.

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Armchair Perch

This unassuming project stands in for an end table, and offers just enough room for your evening cup of tea.

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Flat Plate Rack

If a cabinet or baker’s rack juts into your kitchen’s traffic pattern, try this country-chic idea. Smartly hung rails show off dishes and platters while storing them securely.

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Sneaky Sofa Table

If your couch dominates your living room, try planting a long table (for lamps, houseplants, or even extra storage) behind it. This move multiplies your surface space when you don’t have a wall to spare.

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Floating Nightstand

A hardware-store corbel and craft-store pine board come together to create the cutest teeny table that doesn’t crowd a bedroom.

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Hidden Tilt-Out Trash

Cover an ugly (but necessary) garbage can and create some extra counter space with this thoughtful design.

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Slim Shelving

When a bookcase is too bulky, try propping books on pieces of molding. They can be cut to any length, and are narrow enough to store an entire library behind a door.

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Halved Table

Ask a handyman to slice a thrifted table down the center to sneak a place to drop your keys into your entryway. It stays anchored to the wall with easy-to-install brackets.

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Magic Mirror

When you need a workspace or a breakfast nook only sometimes, try a version you can hide in plain sight. This table folds into the wall when not in use, morphing into a sleek mirror.

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Clever Coffee Table

This project pulls triple duty in the living room: It anchors a conversation space as a coffee table, offers extra cushy seating as an ottoman, and houses extra shelving. Using pre-built wooden crates as the base is a smart DIY shortcut.

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