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24 People Who Think They’re Soooo Clever

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Wherever you’re reading this, I want you to take a good look at the people around you right now—I guess if you’re reading on the toilet, this won’t really apply, and if it does, then you’re a weirdo. Anyways, if you happen to be in an area with other individuals, count how many of them you think are dumb as poop on a stick. Yep, that’s right, probably most of them. Because generally, people are stupid, but once in a while they can surprise you. On the rare occasion, some of us manage to squeeze out a bit of clever, and that’s exactly what the next 16 people did, so enjoy! Maybe some of their clever will even rub off…


1. This pun master who clearly loves sports



2. This careful instruction follower

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3. Siri being her typical smart-mouth self

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4. This mom whose burns have nothing to do with her cooking

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I’ll let you decide whether the next dad is cleverer than Mom…