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26 Celebrities Who Totally Let Themselves Go

Many of these celebs were once very hot, and now they are definitely not.

Macaulay Culkin

Perhaps too much time home alone.

Melanie Griffith

Well, the lipstick is the same.

Eva Longoria

This pretty lady married for the third time in May 2016 and got so carried away during her honeymoon that she forgot everything about her figure. However, this doesn’t seem to bother Eva or her husband — they are together all the time, kissing hotly to the joy of the paparazzi.

Russell Crowe

It’s hard to recognize the ripped gladiator in this big man now, but Russell is always ready to change for a role: he gained almost 50 lbs for The Nice Guys. It’s been a year since the movie aired, yet the actor doesn’t seem to bother himself much about his shape. He even says it’s pretty pleasant to gain extra pounds.

Nicole Eggert

Now even more flotation.
  • martinel

    i think Jennifer Lawrence still look sooo good

  • Jurek Bed

    Rubbish , John Travolta is still looking good for his 64 years.