30 Epic Hollywood Movie Mistakes You Probably Did Not Notice! | Kosip

30 Epic Hollywood Movie Mistakes You Probably Did Not Notice!

You must have seen some of the biggest hits of Hollywood, but do you know that there were some huge blunders in some of their scenes?

One of the hilarious mistakes ever done was in the movie Pirates of the Carribean where Captain Jack Sparrow is wearing his brown cap but with an Adidas tag!

We bet people at Adidas will be happy to hear this if they didn’t really pay them for doing it! *Wink*

1. When a crew member debuted!

In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, a member of the crew in a cowboy hat can be clearly seen in one of the scenes.

2. Did Adidas pay them?

It looks like Captain Jack Sparrow is in love with Adidas! I am not pretty sure here if Adidas paid them for branding or not.

3. How come did the badge disappear?

In Star Trek, Captain Robau is seen wearing a Starfleet badge but, as soon as he sits in his chair the badge disappears. It appears in the next scene again.

4. How come the zero gravity did not affect her hair?

In 2013’s movie Gravity, the scene portrays a zero gravity zone. Everything except the hair was floating here. That is very strange!

5. A gas cannister in AD 180?

A scene from the Battle of Carthage in the movie Gladiator that has a gas canister attached to a chariot. How did that happen in AD 180?