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‘Draw This Again’ Challenge Shows That Practice Makes Perfect

There are a lot of success formulas, but probably all of them consist of practice and time. This is especially true for drawing, where understanding proportions, shading, and other techniques can turn a crude circle with lines into a detailed realistic face. ‘Draw This Again!’ meme challenge invites artists to re-draw their old artwork and present them side-by-side for comparison, showcasing their dramatic progress.

From pencil self-portraits to vibrant watercolor character creation – these images prove that nobody was born an artist and the journey to mastering drawing involves a lot of patience and hard work. Have you also been drawing? Then post your version of ‘Draw This Again!’ below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite images!


#2 About 10 Years Of Progress By Miles


#3 Progress Of 11 Months By Itsmehoswa


#4 Progression To Semi-Realistic Style By Abigail Diaz


#5 About 9 Years Of Progress By Laura Brouwers