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Here’s How To Quickly Remove Unsightly Skin Tags At Home With Minimum Pain

Skin tags aren’t the most attractive thing on the body. I mean, the one on my neck always used to make me a little self-conscious and I would always be trying to cover it with a scarf or I would wear my hair down a lot.

But I don’t have that problem anymore, as, well I don’t have my skin tag anymore!

A Dermatologist can remove them fairly easily, however, there is another way to get rid of the unsightly tags, and it won’t cost you a penny.

A dermatologist prefers to use the tip of a very fine pair of scissors to snip a skin tag off at the base. Other options include using an electric needle to cauterize the skin or freezing off the tumor, which he particularly doesn’t recommend.


“Freezing is so imprecise that it tends to affect the skin around the skin tag,” he explained. And it’s this imprecision that disturbs him when patients try to remove these bumps themselves.


“While it doesn’t take eight years of medical education to remove a skin tag, there are certain basic principles that have to be observed,” Dr. Schultz, dermatologist, cautioned, citing using sterile tools and completely disinfecting your skin as essential.

While we don’t recommend taking off your own skin tags, if you feel that you must, Dr. Schultz declared that THIS the most sensible method.

He suggests using a tight piece of string. We advise consulting with your doctor beforehand, then proceeding with caution!

Use a sterile piece of gauze and isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly cleanse the area and a length of thread. After looping the string around the very base of the skin tag, double knot it so it is very tight, cutting off the blood supply to the skin tag.

Finish your DIY dermatological procedure by trimming the ends of the threads with a disinfected pair of scissors, so the string doesn’t catch on anything.

Okay so now you must be patient. Once you’ve tied the string, DO NOT touch the skin tag except to dab it with a bit of alcohol – but be warned this may sting.